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Experience a Different Kind of RPG

Experience a role-playing game where the focus is on the world, exploration, characters, puzzles, and avoidance instead of battling. Peacefully reverse an evil plot to bring a kingdom to its knees while uncovering ancient secrets, hidden conspiracies, and helping the lives of all in Veilend. Communication routes have been severed and all signs point to retaliation by Veilend's neighboring enemies, the Ignetiles. Help restore routes and stop the conflict from the inside before it erupts into a second war between the two kingdoms.

As a royal courier, you are firstly tasked with handling the deliveries necessary in the village of Pinesboro to the South-West. While there, the entrance to the village, the only bridge out, and other routes used for trade and communication are destroyed overnight. You are tasked with re-opening these routes and set out on a sweeping adventure through a detailed world that takes you to different towns, dungeons, and lands as you set out for adventure.

Gameplay the Courier Way

Courier doesn't have you grinding random enemies to level up. In fact, there are no traditional battles! Gameplay is focused on delivering to and helping people, solving puzzles, overcoming environmental obstacles, and damage avoidance from hazards and traps. You play as a peaceful character in a world traditionally traversed by sword-toting heroes. This makes you consider different ways around problems and to focus on timing and dodging instead of choosing the right attacks or slashing the proper place. It is a unique way to enjoy a fantasy setting while not introducing the tedium of leveling up stats or the heavy violence of combat.

Coming 2017 to PC on Steam